Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pudding Paint

So fingerpainting has been out for a week. Lucy has done it a couple times (today she painting a "dragon" with talking clouds above him that were making him angry. I don't know where that came from ! Jane chose it once, and Gene hasn't chosen it at all. But, I did make chocolate pudding the other day and we fingerpainted with it.

Gene was VERY unsure about it, and once he came closer and looked at his little bowl of pudding, he said, "Mama, this smells gross!" It just smelled like chocolate pudding...kind of like brownie batter. He kept complaining, but did get his fingers in it and smear them around...a little. Just not his thing, I guess. Lucy, however, loved it and I had to convince her to stop after AN HOUR of sitting at the table, once the pudding had really decided it was too warm to stay on the table and started to drip on the floor. She ended up eating almost the whole bowl, after it got onto the table and was smeared around, just by licking her fingers every couple of minutes:)


Wendy said...

How totally fun Hannah! Glad to see things are going well. My little ones would love to see your kids........let's plan sometime to get together!

God bless,

Hannah said...

Sure Wendy...we'd like that. Would you like to bring them over sometime to our house? I don't think they've ever been here!

Pink & Green Mama said...

So fun!! I may have to try this one out with my own girls : )